Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Well, so much for that hope.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The past few weeks

The past few weeks rank among some of the most exciting ones of my entire life so far. Between work, class and a certain someone who entered my life -- more on her later -- I feel like I'm living life at a rate that defies the nature of time, like I fit more experience and existence into an hour than a human being is supposed to.

Oh, there are problems, yes, but the solutions have been within my grasp, most of the time. My life lately just seems so incredible, and it's great.

I went on a road trip yesterday with a lady I met a few months ago at a crosswalk near my house. This lady, whose name will be withheld to protect the innocent, recognized me from the Public Editor ads and we struck up a little conversation. We met for coffer two weeks ago. I took her out for ice cream a week later.

And we went on a road trip to Salina and Abilene yesterday to check out a bunch of historical spots and museums. Learned a ton and had the most fun I've had in a long time. It was undoubtedly the best day so far this month.

We agreed at the end of the day that we're still getting to know each other, which is good. I haven't had the most luck with relationships in my life, but I get this feeling of bizarre but vague optimism whenever I'm talking to her. I can't help but feel excited about wherever this may lead.

To close, the lyrics to a Ryan Adams song I've been playing off and on lately that expresses part of what's going on. Emphasis on "part of," though.

Ryan Adams, "Desire"
Two hearts fading, like a flower.
And all this waiting, for the power.

For some answer, to this fire.
Sinking slowly. The water's higher.
With no secrets. No obsession.
This time I'm speeding with no direction.
Without a reason. What is this fire?
Burning slowly. My one and only.

You know me. You don't mind waiting.
You just can't show me, but God I'm praying,
That you'll find me, and that you'll see me,
That you run and never tire.

Yeah, I don't know what I'm talking about when I'm dealing with this stuff.
That's not a bad thing, though, even for a writer.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Finding a pace

I've been at it a few days now, and I certainly don't regret it either, but boy being Metro Editor is a challenge.

I was afraid I'd get a little rusty taking last semester to be Public editor, and I am a bit rusty now. This job is a good thing, though, it'll have me sharpened up again just in time to join the professional world.

I had another one of my mini-epiphanies tonight: no decision takes longer than a second, or, at least in my experience they don't. The part that takes forever is working up the nerve to carry the decision out. This was the case a week ago tonight when the editor in chief asked me to be Metro editor. She'd asked me before, and I'd said no because I'd planned on doing photojournalism this semester. This time though, it was different. Everyone else had said no as well, and if i didn't do it, no one would.

I managed a "no" for the moment and left, arguing with myself. I knew I'd be taking the job, I wanted it and the staff needed me. The problem was working up the nerve to say I'd do it, and then do the job. It took me a day or so.

Maybe next time I'll just say yes the first chance I get and save myself the trouble.

Anyway, I'm building up momentum in the job, keeping more stories coming in each day. I'll be up to full speed in no time.

And then student elections will hit. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A thought...

I had an idea last night as we discussed war and politics and espionage. I started with the idea that War is the extension of Politics, by other means. I then thought about terrorism, and came up with this concept:

If War is the extension of politics, then terrorism is the extension of Public Relations.

Think about it. When political work can't make something happen, you send in the army and make it so. When you can't get a large number of people to care aobut what you have to say, or that you exist, blow up a bus and then, wow, everyone wants to know about you. Therefore:

Politics is to War as P.R. is to Terrorism.

Then, think about journalism. Journalism, when escalated enough, becomes espionage. That gives us:

Politics: War
Journalism: Espionage
PR: Terrorism.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I have a new job

Well, here's some surprise news: I'm the Collegian's new Metro Editor. I am responsible for the paper's coverage of all things in the City of Manhattan that do not happen on campus, along with anything having to do with the campus elections coming in about a month. I'm in charge of all that. Scary though, eh?

I'm looking forward to what this semester will bring, although a bit nervous, I must admit. We'll see how it goes.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Bra stops Bullet

I can see it now: Victoria's Secret fall lineup is the flackjacket collection.