Saturday, August 18, 2007

A tough week

My boss took this last week off for a much-needed and much-deserved vacation. That left yours truly in charge of the paper. It was the most challenging week of this job I've faced yet. Now I'm sitting here listening to Tom Waits and thinking about it all.

I've been experiencing a regular dosage of solitude since I moved up here, and that has provided me with plenty of opportunity for serious, deep thinking and the chance to get a lot of things figured out.

I started trial accounts with and to see about finding a date. I figured that at best I'd have a date, and at worst, fodder for a good column.

But it appears eharmony has found me the match of my life. Her name is Amanda, and she's involved in nursing. She loves kids and wants to have several. She sounds great for me.

Only she lives in Central Canada. Thanks for the encouragement, eharmony. Just what i needed.


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