Tuesday, January 11, 2005

All I can say is w00t!

Ok, so this morning the intern herd of which I am a part went to the Capitol building.

By that, I mean THE United States Capitol, the one that houses the Senate and H of R's chambers. We went there for two reasons. First, we got our shiny, hologrammed press credentials made that give us access to so much of the place, places where no one else can go, like press rooms, and even cooler, the congress press galleries.

You'd think the rooms would be bigger from watching C-SPAN, but they're acutally feel very small when you're in them. The Senate chamber had a nice number of seats for reporters, four of them reserved: two for AP, two for Reuters. We sat in them, just for fun, and/ or spite.

But the most amazing thing, to me, was that there were two spittoons kept in the Senate chamber under the frontmost-center seats. It appears Senator Helms used to frequent them.

Later on, our guide (a 40-year veteran of covering the hill) showed us a few other interesting things:

-the spot where long ago a reporter shot and killed a congressman after discovering the congressman had been running around with the reporter's wife. The reporter was aquitted on the grounds that it was a defense of honor.

-The door to the office of Rep. Tom Delay, House Majority Leader, which had a strange, but very faint stench emanating from it. Maybe it was my imagination.

-I noticed the furniture of Senator Harry Reid out in the hallway, as he is the new Minority Leader and had to move into Senator Daschle's office.

-We rode the subway that goes between the Senate office buildings and the Capitol. Damn that was fun. Just remember, that was your tax dollars hard at work.

I've got great plans for tomorrow, I'm researching a story on Kansans coming to the inauguration and I'm doing a story on a speech Sen. Ted Kennedy is giving.

See you on the flip side.


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