Saturday, February 26, 2005

7 Weeks down, Seven to go: The halfway point

So, after I finished my story today I took a little trip down to the Capitol for a little exploration, and to check out the gift shop.

Up and down and all around I went, the Capitol building is great for when you want to get lost. The place is a maze and there are precious few signs to help you find your way, especially if you're a reporter. Thus, it was good to get some practice with the place.

The place was packed with tourists, it was a Friday after all. Maybe I'll make a trip back just for kicks one of these weekends to see what the place is like when it's a real zoo.

I left the capitol around 4:40, and went back to the office to do some paperwork and prepare for the weekend.

Around 6:00, I left for the apartment and arrived without incident. I changed, got online, and recieved an invitation from my friend Scott to go hang and watch South Park, which I was more than happy to take him up on.

45 minutes later I was in Maryland, and all was well. I had a drink, watched some of the best work of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and hung out with a friend I hadn't seen in almost six weeks.

After who knows how many episodes, I took off for the night. The ride home was something else.

The Red line has a large section between Union Station and Takoma that is above ground. As I rode, the land seemed different. I felt like I was in Kansas. Yes, I saw the city lights. Yes, I was in the Nation's capital. Yes, there was a woman yelling at one of the windows at the other end of the car.

And yes, I felt like I was in Kansas again. The street lights and all seemed to be weak and distant, with plenty of seemingly-open land out there.

Maybe I've just been gone long enough to no longer know what Kansas felt like, but maybe not.

I'll just have to find out in seven more weeks, I suppose.


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