Monday, July 30, 2007

"Golf is a good walk spoiled" --Mark Twain

I came this * * close to getting arrested for battery yesterday at the driving range. There were about 5-6 golf carts parked nearby with about 10 or so people standing around, drinking, listening to loud music and shouting at each other, on a golf course.

The constant noise and interruption did not help my concentration, and my drives went pretty much anywhere but straight. It was not the fun, relaxing experience I seek on the golf course.

I was just getting ready to walk over with my sand wedge (said to be the best club for hitting someone because of its density) and ask them to knock it off when they all took off and left. I went back to my practice, thinking I finally had some peace.

Then a train went by on the tracks that are literally next to the course and not an inch more than 40 yards from the driving range.

I finished the bucket and left with a look on my face that I'll bet would have cleared a path through a mosh pit.


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